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Finding the Root Cause

tolle causam

Thorough examination, functional testing, and expertise are used to build a picture of your health systems.

Personalized Treatments

individualized health

Treatment plans are designed with efficacy, safety, evidence, and your individuality in mind.

Grounded in Nature

vis medicatrix naturae

Natural solutions backed with research & experience. Treatments can include botanical, nutritional, or physical therapies.

Investing in your Health

preventative medicine

Learn how to implement sustainable changes that maintain optimal health through all your life stages.

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As a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist®, Dr. Ling, ND CNS has dedicated her career to designing sustainable health solutions for each of her patients. 

Dr. Ling, ND CNS employs results-oriented treatment plans tailored to your individual health needs. She enjoys working with motivated individuals get on their path to their best health. Her interests include:

    • hormonal health
    • fertility
    • weight management
    • chronic disease management 

Her rewarding clinical and volunteer experience has allowed her to work with patients of different ages, lifestyles, and levels of wellness.

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